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A. Donny Strosberg was Professor of Infectology at The Scripps Research Institute in Florida where he managed a program on Hepatitis C. His latest work focused on developing novel small molecule therapeutics based on inhibition of protein-protein interactions (see recent papers: Benson et al 2012, Ni et al 2011, Mousseau et al 2011, Kota et al 2010a and Strosberg et al 2010).

Professor Strosberg passed away on March 15, 2012. His numerous achievements were commemorated during the International Symposium entitled "From Bench to Boardroom: Strategies for Building a Thriving Biotechnology Sector. The Symposium was held at Scripps on March 21, 2013 and can be viewed on the link: Click here

Prof. Strosberg was trained as a Dr. Sci at the Free University of Brussels and did a post-doctoral fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. After serving at the Harvard Medical School as an Instructor and later as a Visiting Professor, he became Professor of Biochemistry and Immunology first in Brussels, then in Paris. With his teams he published over 400 peer-reviewed original scientific articles, several books and dozens of book chapters. He authored twenty-six issued patents of which several were licensed to pharmaceutical companies. Professor Strosberg has lectured and given talks in 25 countries.

Prof. Strosberg is a co-founder of several biotechnology companies including Chemunex, co-founded with the University of Paris; Incyte, Praecis, co-founded with M.I.T.;and  BioRelix co-founded with Yale University. From 1998 to 2004 Prof. Strosberg was the Chairman and CEO of Hybrigenics, a company, which he co-founded with the Pasteur Institute from 1998 to 2004.

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