PATENTS 2011-1983

26- "New Small Molecule Inhibitors of Hepatitis C Virus"
Patent application number: 61/279,856
Filing date: Oct 27, 2009
Inventors: Wanguo Wei, Smitha Kota, A. Donny Strosberg, John K. Snyder
Attorney: Jonathan Jensen

25- "Peptide inhibitors of HCV core dimerization and viral release"
Patent application number: 60/982,951
Filing date: Oct 30, 2007
Issue date: Oct 30, 2008
Inventors: Smitha Kota, Carlos Coito, Arthur Donny Strosberg
Attorney: Nicholas A. Zachariades

24- "Novel family of proteins called ATIP, nucleic sequences coding for same and uses thereof"
Elbaz, N., Nahmias, C. & Strosberg, AD French patent application 2804690 filed on February 7, 2000
International extension WO0157209 filed on February 7, 2001

23- "Nucleic sequences coding for an AT2 interacting protein interacting with the AT2 receptor and their applications"
Patent number: 6835539
Filing date: Oct 8, 2001
Issue date: Dec 28, 2004
Inventors: Nathalie Elbaz, Clara Nahmias, Arthur Donny Strosberg
Primary Examiner: Robert A. Wax
Attorney: Alston & Bird LLP

22- "Plant enzyme with phospholipid hydroperoxidase glutathione peroxidase activity, their analogues and their use" (withdrawn)
Strosberg, A.D. & Eshdat, Y.
European patent application EP 1111055 filed on December 8, 1999

21- "A novel human leptin receptor gene-related protein"
US patent 5,789,198 granted on August 4, 1998
Patent number: 5874535
Filing date: Apr 15, 1997
Issue date: Feb 23, 1999
Inventors: Bernard Bailleul, A. Donny Strosberg, Ingrid E. Akerblom
Assignee: Incyte Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20- "Mammalian ICYP receptor (SMBP) and its applications"
Lenzen, G. Sugasawa, T, Morooka, S. & Strosberg, A.D.
International PCT/EP97/07339 filed on December 12, 1997

19- "Preparing membrane receptors from extracellular baculoviruses"
European patent EP 1015618 granted on July 2, 2003
Patent number: 6713278
Filing date: Feb 29, 2000
Issue date: Mar 30, 2004
Inventors: Michel Bouvier, Thomas Loisel, Stefano Marullo, Pierre Boulanger, Arthur Donny Strosberg
Assignees: Valorisation-Recherche, Limited Partnership, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
Primary Examiner: John Ulm
Attorney: Nixon & Vanderhye

18- "Canine beta - and beta - adrenergic receptors, and uses thereof" Lenzen, G., Pietri-Rouxel, F., Drumare, M.F. & Strosberg, A.D.
French patent 2 746 813 granted on October 3, 1997 (B.O.P.I. n° 40)

17 -"Transgenic animals deficient in endogenous beta3-adrenergic receptor and uses thereof "
Patent number: 5789654
Filing date: May 9, 1996
Issue date: Aug 4, 1998
Inventors: Bradford B. Lowell, A. Donny Strosberg
Assignees: Beth Israel Hospital Association, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
Primary Examiner: Jill D. Schmuck

16- "Nucleic sequences coding for melatonin receptors, and uses thereof" (withdrawn)"
Jockers, R, Marullo, S. & Strosberg, A.D.
French application 95 08947 filed on July 24, 1995
PCT/FR96/01167 filed on July 24, 1996
Patent in South Africa 96/6279 granted on April 10, 1997

15- "Vector modified by sequence coding for a sequence of amino acids contained in a mammalian protein having the biological activity of a membrane receptor expression of this sequence in tranformed unicellular cultures by means of this vector, procedure for studying ligands recognizing these receptors" Marullo, S., Strosberg, A.D., Emorine, L. & Delavier, C.
US patent 6,645,755 granted on November 11, 2003

14- "Immortalized cell lines from human adipose tissue, process for preparing same and applications thereof "
US Patent number: 6071747
Filing date: Jan 5, 1998
Issue date: Jun 6, 2000
Inventors: Arthur Donny Strosberg, Vladimir Zilberfarb
Assignee: Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique-CNRS

13- "Immortalized lines of endothelial brain cells and therapeutical applications thereof"
Foignant-Chaverot, N., Tchelingerian, J., Roux, F., Vignais, L., ouraud, P.O., Quinonero, J., Strosberg, A.D. & Laterra, J.
French patent application FR 272 6005 filed on October 10, 1994

12- "Immortalized cerebral endothelial cell lines, process for their preparation and applications thereof as a model for the study of cerebral physiopathology" Claire, M., Couraud, P.O., Durieu-Trautmann, O., Foignant-Chaverot, N. Roux, F. & Strosberg, A.D.
French patent application FR 268 1609 filed on September 24, 1991

11- "Nucleotide sequences of the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, reagents and their applications in diagnosis"
Avrameas, A., Pancino, GF, Sibille, P., Sonigo, P. & Strosberg, A.D.
European patent EP 0688790 filed on June 7, 1995
US patent 5,648,209 granted on July 15, 1997

10- "Intron/exon structure of the human and mouse beta-adrenergic receptor genes"
Emorine, L.J., Marullo, S. & Strosberg, A.D.
US patent 6,635,442 granted on October 21, 2003 (filed April 29, 1997)
US patent 6,274,706 granted on August 14, 2001 (filed May 25, 1995)
European patent EP 0600136 granted on March 13, 2002

9 - "Nucleotide and peptide sequences of the FIV isolate WO and their uses in diagnostic and prevention of the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus infection " Pancino, G-F., Chappey, C., Hurtrel, B., Moraillon, A., Klatzmann, D., Sonigo, P., Saurin, W., Avrameas, A. & Strosberg, A.D.
European patent EP 0577458 granted on January 28, 2004
US patent 5,789,654 granted on August 4, 1998

8 - "Nucleotide sequences encoding the murine beta3 adrenergic receptor and their applications "
European patent EP 0657577 granted on August 21, 2002
US Patent number: 5691155
Filing date: Aug 16, 1993
Issue date: Nov 25, 1997
Inventors: Clara Nahmias, Laurent Jean Emorine, Arthur Donny Strosberg
Assignee: Centre National De La Recherche Scientifigue
Primary Examiner: Sally P. Teng

7- "Fragments of the env protein of the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, antibodies and their applications in diagnosis"
Avrameas, A., Guillet, J-G., Moraillon, A. & Strosberg, A.D.
French patent application 90-14519 filed on November 21, 1990
International PCT/FR91/00917 filed on November 20, 1991
European patent EP 05644777 granted on November 4, 1998

6 - "Polypeptides having a human beta-adrenergic receptor activity and playing a role In lipolytic response, nucleic acids coding
for these polypeptides and uses of said polypeptides for screening substances which act on these polypeptides"
Emorine, L.J., Marullo, S. & Strosberg, A.D.
French patent 89-00918 granted on January 25, 1989
US patent 5,288,607 granted on February 22, 1994
European patent EP 0455682 granted on December 29, 1993

5 - "Recombinant bacteria expressing functional R7G mammalian receptors on their surface" "Marullo, S., Emorine, L. & Strosberg, A.D.
French patent 88-03475 granted on March 17, 1988
US patent 5,242,822 granted on September 7, 1993
European patent EP 0344024 granted on August 14, 1996

4 - "Methods for preparing rabbit monoclonal antibodies, the cell lines used therein and the antibodies produced thereby"
Japanese patent application 103732/1986 filed on May 6, 1986
Canadian patent application 508 286 filed on June 28, 1988
US Patent number: 4859595
Filing date: May 3, 1985
Issue date: Aug 22, 1989
Inventors: Arthur D. Strosberg, Jean-Gerard Guillet

3 - "Lectins fixing betaD-galactoside" Strosberg, A.D. & Teichberg, V.
US patent application 07/465.066 filed on July 18, 1988
European patent EP 03 68920 granted on June 9, 1993

2 - "Anti-yeast antibodies capable of recognizing several yeasts or moulds, hybrid cell lines producing such antibodies, their preparation and their use in the detection of yeasts or moulds" Strosberg, A.D., Goavec, M., & Bringer, C.
European patent EP 02 373 84 granted on February 6, 1987

1 - "Monoclonal antibodies to legionella, a process for their preparation and their use in the determination of legionella pneumophila"
French patent application 83-02789 filed on February 21, 1983
European patent EP 0119893 granted on October 18, 1989
US Patent number: 4780407
Filing date: Jul 1, 1987
Issue date: Oct 25, 1988
Inventors: Arthur D. Strosberg, Jean G. Guillet, Johan Hoebeke, Cuong Tram
Assignees: Institut Pasteur, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique